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I'm waiting for job

I’m new to fiber. Advice me to improve my GIG’s impression.
I’m looking for a way to move my gig forward. :smile:


Active on fiverr… more and more time.


Keep patience. Follow your competitors and improve yourself accordingly. Wish you good luck.

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I’ll try my best. :sweat_smile: Thank you.

Okay I’m going to continue. :sweat_smile:

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I despair.

16 mins ago I point out how this be active thing is garbage.
11 mins ago you acknowledge this.
8 mins ago, you offer the same wrong advice to another.

Is there some sort of secret Delluminati that is working to make the world less sane?



Active on fiverr & send proper buyer request daily

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Yes I am continuing. :sweat_smile:

Share your gig on social media and use some backlinks.(on a good way). sand buyer request on daily basis. Thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Okay I’ll do this. :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the community. Best of luck to you. :grinning:

Active on Fiverr and share your gig link in social media.

Try to active 24h. Must read the Buyer’s request carefully then Send proper buyer request.
All the best! :blush:

Need well seo, social searching and daily 10 buyer request

Share your gig on social media & send buyer request daily basis.


I knew someone would have suggested the online thing, and I knew you would have replied.

Just came to read your post. funny stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

we just discussed this on the other thread guys. Let me link your post here.

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Be active 24/7 in Fiverr. Send 10 buyer requests regularly as per your service. Write the proposal attractively. Always write relevant marketing words or phrases.

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