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I'm waiting for my first order

10 days have passed today i opened an account on fiverr. I made seven gigs.
However, it is not yet sold. I’m waiting for my first order.


promote your gig. reach to your client. otherwise it will be very hard to get sell from your gigs


Thanks for your suggest.
I will try to promote my gig.

Never give up, i got my order after 6 months. but now i am level 2 seller. keep bidding on the new buyer request. update your gig by changing keyword, tags, description and you will have your first order very soon


that was really inspiring


I am very inspired by the comments. Thanks for your valuable feedback.


This may be helpful to you: New Sellers .... Success Doesn't Come To Those Who Wait!


Thanks for your information

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Order will come. Stay strong and promote your gig as much as you can. I just got my first order after 2 weeks.

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Changing gig will decrease rankings…won,t it?

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yes, but when you are not getting the new order, then just go back update your gig and this thing work for me everytime. however if your gig is already in in ranking then just dont do anything with gig because once you update the gig it will take again upto 24 hours to review the gig by fiverr.


Be patient and orders will come.

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Wow ! great ! Thanks for sharing your experience.


Is there any proper time to update gig?

wait bro for your first order !!

how do promote my gig plz tell me anyone ?

you can promote your gig.

i am really inspired for this comments. thank you

Hello new Fivver people! When I first joined back in 2017, I waited and waited. Then I asked a friend to become a Fivver Buyer and select my Gig. I did a small project for them and charge a small rate. I then asked them to write a good review on my Gig. After that I started to get a new buyer. Make sure to ask your clients to leave a good review – quality of work, how helpful you are etc. Best Luck, Mary

Oooops. I mean Fiverr not Fivver. :slight_smile: Mary