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I'm Worried, I need Suggestions!

ok now I’ll not make any change anymore also If you have any other suggestion let me know please

Okay I’ll share my gig in social media profile and groups, I’ll remain active too 24 hours. I tried Customer Support many times and told them my issue but they didn’t give me any suggestion.

also let me know, should I revert my prices to the initial one?

Could you explain how staying active 24 hours will 100% guarantee an order?

Because, veteran, experienced sellers all across the forum have pointed out time and time again that this is nonsense.


Can you give me any suggestions?

But, if you’re providing the information, you must be doing so based off of your own experiences, no? Surely if you’re telling someone to be active 24/7, it’s because that’s what you do, and it’s having amazing results for you? If you’re just repeating what you’ve heard from other people, how do you know that you’re not spreading misinformation?

I’m just going to leave this here;


Yes! There’s LOADS of content for you to read through from experienced sellers that will provide a tonne of valuable information for you.

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I’m reading the links or sources you provided, I’m really thankful to you sir!

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I can explain it to you, the only benefit is if the buyer want some urgent work. They will look for sellers who are online. I had a few buyers want work to be done in 1-2 hrs, and they can’t wait for hrs for other sellers to reply to their enquiry. If your buyer need urgent work,most likely they will hire a seller who is online

My question was, if I’m honest, rhetorical, but thanks for taking the time to provide an answer anyway. It does annoy me when people suggest nonsense advice, then don’t back it up when you ask them to, so I do genuinely appreciate that you answered on behalf of the person who suggested it.

Whilst I don’t debate this, what I do debate is the idea that doing this is an effective way to run a Fiverr profile. I’d argue that it’s a much better business model to grow your business around providing quality work than it is to grow your business around providing quick work.

Plus, let’s be honest - being active 24/7 simply isn’t possible. We’re humans, and we need sleep and rest to survive. Not to mention downtime, family time, time for hobbies/social interaction etc. Sitting by your computer for 24 hours in the hopes of getting an order MIGHT produce a bit of work for you, but at what cost?


Dont worry, I provide quick and quality work, if their work needs more time, I’ll inform them upfront.

Yes, I personally also dont agree with 24/7 and never will.

Haha, I do know ppl doing this, but I just open Fiverr and let it run in background while doing real-life work.


It can already have a negative impact on your stats if you have 1 mutual cancellation, let alone 15. No surprise Fiverr buried your gigs somewhere on the last pages. The only way that seems to work to get out of this is to accept the fact you will not receive a lot of orders for a long time and deliver all of those, in best case with good reviews. Eventually you’ll be able to climb back up the ladder. The more affordable your prices, the more likely cheap buyers will contact you and try to get free work done. If your prices are too expensive now, you won’t be able to get a lot of orders that you need to improve your ranking. So find a good middle ground that keeps your head above water, don’t change your gigs anymore after settling for a price that works for you and I suppose keep replying to buyer requests.
That’s my suggestion.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I’ll follow!

Who were these “experts”, did you contact them through the inbox or here on the forum?


They are on my social media circle!

Please give me suggestions, I’m suffering from hard time, I’m unable to get through this downfall

Don’t do it. The first is spam and the second is bad for your health.


@iamspider - don’t ask other sellers for privatte help, either here or from your social media circle. Particularly now, when there are huge numbers of new sellers.

Some more experienced sellers can be … tricky.

Use the search bar here for many genuine articles that will be of help to you. Start with these: .


urgent work

If you’re online 24/7 you aren’t actually going to be active for that entire time.

Buyers that want urgent work expect work to be done urgently - if you’re asleep and simply pretending to be active, obviously you can’t do that.

Pretending to be active is dishonest and will not help you at all in the long run. Anyone that seriously advocates doing this should be ignored.

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:slight_smile: below, I never do 24/7 and pretend to stay online…