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Image dimensions for profile picture, profile cover and gig picture

I want to know the dimensions for profile picture, profile cover and gig picture on fiverr as I could not find them anywhere.
Also I cant not find an option to upload cover picture for my profile.
Thank you.


Same question, new seller here…


I just asked this question to Fiverr, and they came back with this:

“The files need to be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP • 50MB file limit, 550 width and 370 height. The quality of the photos you display will influence customers and we kindly ask you to choose the highest quality available.”

I’d recommend doubling this to 1100 x 740 to get better resolution.

Andy (:


I was just wondering… Fiverr recommend : “Don’t put Fiverr badges or rewards on your profile or Gig image.”

I was several times nominated for top seller, but have not been selected and I have a 2nd level badge on the cover pic… Could it be that one of the reasons for not selecting me? (as I have almost perfect analytics and customer support)…

But at the same time I have noticed many cover pictures stating “Top Seller” on them…?

Should I change my cover image?

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That recommendation was introduced after the monthly evaluations started.

Imagine having to change 20 gig images because you got demoted (I hope it never happens to you!) and are no longer level 2 seller. And not changing them after demotion can be seen as misleading the buyers.

It would be a good idea.