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Image Not showing in my Gig

I recently completed an order but my work image is not showing up in my gig slideshow.

##- Live portfolio is on from
##- I’m a new seller
##- I attached delivery image also at last.

Plz help


Your buyer needs to tick a box to say whether they want their work included in your portfolio or not - many of them don’t, so you won’t end up with all your deliveries in your portfolio.


Did you deliver via the mobile application? If you did, it doesn’t show in your gig portfolio. I’ve experienced this personally.

I just checked your gig & seeing all the images. Think you feel wrong.

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maybe that’s the case… But wanna ask one more thing how much time does it takes to show.

No - the OP has 2 gig images - I can see those. I think they’re asking about portfolio images, which are different.

@akashch47 - if the buyer accepts the delivery, leaves feedback etc. then the portfolio image should show up shortly after . As I said, it may be that the buyer just didn’t tick the box.