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Image Quality Poor

I have an unresolved issue. I am preparing my Gig design in PPT and obvious reason I can not add directly into Gig, so pasting in paint or converting in pdf. But while uploading and seen the quality seems to be very bad quality.

What could be the reason and how to overcome. Can you share some experience / tips ?

Also one more thing observed, in spite of being Online - I am not appearing in Online filter search…

Please note the size of images on fiver gigs, if the image size is not ok, then the site will automatically resize it, and a portion of the sides are cropeed and widened if the image is small.

Hope this helps

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It asks for jpeg, jpg, png as an attachment. But resolution not mentioned. How do I do that? I usually convert PPT into Paint jpg which goes to Gig page.
There is something wrong or my knowledge doesn’t work here. Can you elaborate more, Thanks for your help.

The ideal image size should be 520x350, for more clearity you should double the size that is 1140x700.


Okay thanks, I did that. But it didn’t sharpen the quality of image. Looks blurred. Hence converted back to pdf page.
Can you refer the page please (last page)

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I think, because you are trying to fit a big size image into a small resolution image that is why this is happening.

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Thank you so much…