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Image Rejected After Editing To Meet Size Requirements


I have found a small functional bug that could be causing problems for other users. When creating a gig, the service asks the user to add three images to the gig. The bug I am experiencing occurs when I add an image to a gig, find that it does not meet size requirements, edit the image to meet the size requirements, and then try to re-add the image to check to see if it now meets the requirements.

Here is how to repeat the bug. Take an image that you have that does not meet size requirements. Select that image and upload it to Fiverr. Fiverr will reject the image as not meeting size requirements. Edit that same image in paint to now meet the size requirements as specified (I believe it’s 550px width by 350px height). Select the same image to upload to the site. The site will reject the image upload even though it now meets the size requirements.

I believe the problem is that Fiverr is determining that it has already checked the size requirements of this file or it has already uploaded this same file and does not need to recheck its size. To fix this, simply allow the user to reupload the image whether or not it was previously the same file.

Small video / Gif can be made upon request. If you like this bug report I am actively searching for work and would be interested in any employment opportunities that may be offered. You can reach me at ******* at any time and I’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.