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Image resolution issues


I ordered illustrations for a childrens book. The artist did the work and sent the files. The resolution for all the files were reduced to 72 dpi far below print quality.
How do I get the 300dpi files? How can artists sell art on fiverr if they can’t provide printable artwork files through the website?


Politely send a message to your designer requesting those specific files.

Best of luck.


I did, every file sent through Fiverr gets reduced to 72 dpi, and it violates the TOS to try and get them in a way they don’t get degraded.


You can request your files be sent via Dropbox. That is permitted by Fiverr.


Sounds a bit odd - why don’t you ask your seller to send them in a zip file? :slight_smile:


I just re-downloaded and opened a .png I bought the other day. 600dpi.
What’s the effective resolution in pixels?


I would also get back to the seller and ask to have them re-send the pictures. When I was a new illustrator I sometimes made the mistake of scanning my images in the pre-set settings on the scanner(which is 72dpi). I am very happy that someone pointed it out, because if they hadn’t, it’s likely that I still wouldn’t have corrected that error. Thanks to the feedback of our buyers, we can all do a better job next time. Besides, if you were promised a 300 dpi image, you should also get one. The illustrator shouldn’t have a problem with that.


Zipping jpgs doesn’t work very well. Works great for documents but not so much on images. Or do you mean as a way to avoid the images being reduced to 72 dpi, the internet default?


Would it not preserve the initial resolution?


Maybe it would. :slight_smile:


sorry wrong forum :slight_smile:


It is impossible fiverr to reduce the dpi. Seller is not saving it in 300dpi.
Adobe photoshop and illustrator have one issue that if we save jpg or png files from SAVE FOR WEB it will save in 72dpi in sRgb color too. I would recommend to ask him for PDF file so quality will be much better than jpg file of 300dpi.


Request your seller to give you the file in PDF. If it’s extra $5 pay him that amount as you will get a vector file which you can use for everything.


I’m working with imahiyer1 trying to get a book together. The images she was given are only 72 dpi, not the print quality that was ordered. The artist has done everything possible to avoid providing the contracted work. He claims the files are 300 dpi, but refuses to send them through dropbox or to even zip them to keep the original resolution.
He’s tried every possible excuse and patronizing BS to saying the client is to blame. His latest today is the problem is with the zoom function of the browser or the resolution of the monitor. Just pure BS.
I believe he never provides any 300dpi images because he has insufficient ram and it causes his computer to freeze and is defrauding noobs who don’t know the images he is sell as print quality are not.
Do any of the staff of fiverr ever read these forums? I’d sure like to talk to someone about this guy without playing email tag.
Seems now the guy has reported imahiyer1 for being unprofessional, trying to play the injured party rather than deliver the work he’s been paid for.


Art was all digital.


Images online are automatically reduced to 72 dpi, otherwise it would take forever for pages to load. I don’t need a pdf I need jpgs to layout a book.


I’m afraid all you can do is to contact CS:

Fiverr staff don’t generally read the forum, so it’s the best way to get in touch with them - good luck!


Thanks, :slight_smile: I refrained from naming the seller, as I feel it’s unprofessional to do so. I hope if anyone else has issues they don’t turn it into a personal attack on a seller and try to get it resolved with fiverr.


No problem, and thank you - calling out buyers/sellers is against forum rules, so any posts that get spotted doing that are edited ASAP by moderators, so that we don’t get into an attack situation - keeps it all nice and jolly on here!

I’m sure CS will helpy ou sort things out! :slight_smile:


The designer I use always sends his art in a zip file and they have high resolution.

Or dropbox will work too.