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Image Resolution Requirement?


I’m trying to put up a gig but fiverr won’t accept the pictures. It is a poem writing gig. This is the second gig I’m trying already. The first gig I tried to put up got denied when I tried to change the pictures couple of times. I don’t want another gig denied. But how do I get the image resolution right? I’m sure I met the requirements. And they are my original pictures. I’ve already resized the pictures. They are already at 2500x1600 pixel (300dpi) and at 1.8 MB size already. If I make them bigger again they’ll exceed the 2MB limit. How do I do this?



Is there a specification list? I spent a lot of time with trial and error to create a simple image then wasted more time with a search before I found an answer that worked (here on this page thank you).

What about tutorials? I browsed through the blog and forum somewhat but didn’t find an answer to the specific question, “what are the specifications for a gig (not sure of the terminology) image?”