Image suggestion for a gig


What type of images or image size,résolution should be used for à gig. or do images have any impact on gig making?


I hope you’re choose 1280 to 881 i think its perfect for gig creations. best of luck, pray for me bro just i waiting my first job.


i also want to know it.


Well, its very simple think, whick i knew my trainer. He said to me that, you’re always share your fiverr gigs link on your social network, then you’ll touched your success very soon. so, you can do it.


I wanted to know about images of à gig.Not the success of à gig.I know marketing is important for à gigs success but I need a very clean idea about image of à gig.


i also Wants to know what to do with gig to improve the profile


its a very important question and important matter. However, you can selected google, stock, pexels photo and making mockup by adobe photoshop. then seen your gig images looking very beautiful and awesome, i hope you’ll do that, best of luck,


Yes, image quality plays a big role for your Gig. Refer below tips

Image Quality Tips
• Save Your Image Jpg For Web
• 550 Width * 370 Height
• 72 Resolution
• Use Images with High Quality