Images come with watermark


An image uploaded to the buyer requirement came with a fiverr watermark. The buyer patiently helped me work around this by sending it instead to the inbox. Is there any way to not have it watermarked? I need to directly use the logo and having to use alternative methods to deliver it is a pain to both the buyer and to me.


If your buyer’s purchased the logo from another Fiverr seller, they need to complete their purchase to be able to download their logo without the watermark.

Don’t worry - as a seller it’s not your job to remove another seller’s watermark. Your buyer must sort this out for you by completing their previous order.


I don’t know if that was the issue. He sent me one without watermark to my inbox immediately when I requested it. So fiverr doesn’t automatically watermark images from the buyer in the requirements?


No - images are only watermarked when sellers upload them as part of the delivery on an order (as seen by the buyer until they complete their order).


Huh, thanks. I guess that’s something I shouldn’t have to worry about in the future then.