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Images copyrights

for my gig image upload i just google it and in the result i found some of the images are already take by some one (i can see same images use by some fiverr gallery )

my question is can i use same images for my gig gallery ?

So let me just clarify this: you were going to steal someone’s property from the internet but some sellers already stole those images before you and you are asking if you can also steal it if someone else did that before you?

Downloading images from the internet are not allowed on fiverr and considered copyright infringement and you can get your account banned like that. All work including images need to be original and created by YOU


No, Not permission for using googles images. When you use, your gigs remove and danied fiverr !
So be care full.

Hmmm, dang @prakash1121 , you’re so busted!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How can you even think about it, standalone talk about it?? :thinking: Weird, I wish you good luck on your Gigs.

Kindly, Humberto


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