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Images for my Gigs


Hi Guys,

I am wondering where you guys are “legally” getting your sharp 600 pixels wide, 370 pixels height images for your Gigs, required by Fiverr. I do not own Photoshop. Any tips?

Thanks [-O<



photoshop is not necessary you can resize any photo in ms paint too …just edit it with paint then resize and just save it … all done


Thanks for your input, by mixing up your responses, yes it is very easy to take my own photos and play with them on Paint (which I already have). :stuck_out_tongue:


You can also use Pixlr, Picasa and other online image editing software. It’s useful for those times when you’re not on your computer and don’t have permission to access certain programs. I 100% recommend Pixlr as a newbie-friendly yet powerful tool to mess around with your images.


oh so the standard image for fiverr gig is 600 wide x 370 height? any margin requires?


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