Imagine if Buyers could choose the seller's deadline upon placing their order


Just something I was thinking about today. I thought “I wonder if they’d be merciful”.

boslass said: Just something I was thinking about today. I thought "I wonder if they'd be merciful".

Depends on the gig, but I think it would be quite harsh for seller :)


Reply to @madmoo: With some of the types of gigs I do, I end up delivering without having the work done yet. I’ve never had a problem with it. :slight_smile:


I reckon there’d be a collective idea of “someone else will give them more time” and a lot of people would end up giving one or two days. I imagined getting home from school to find six new orders with two hours each on them.


Reply to @bachas85: Even if the buyers agree? Where/when did they say this?


Reply to @madmoo:

I have a few regular customers which I’ve come to befriend over long projects spanning a few months (and more than a few gigs) and those are the only ones I trust regarding late delivery.

If I have bad luck and happen to deliver late and I know it, I always offer up a freebie to appease the customer.


I don’t think most people would even consider being merciful.

How many people do you come across in real life that go like “it’s their job, they should do it faster!” regarding store clerks, cleaners, lawyers, and many other professions?

There’s a deep sense of entitlement that’s been festering in the collective customer consciousness in general, irl and also on the fiverr market. I blame the whole “the customer is always right” spiel…and general human stupidity.

I adore the lead time system - I mean, who knows better than you how much time you have and how you organize it? It lets the customer know when to expect the work and gets the naggy ones off your back, if only a little.