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Imagine there is no fiverr


probably working on my grandpa old firm with many others for a salary … what about you ?


I can’t imagine.


Imagine there is no fiverr

Please NO! I already have enough nightmares to deal with. Thank you!


Imagine there is no fiverr

Then there is no fiverr forum and this post doesn’t exist.



@amirmallek That’s what I was thinking.
You may say I’m a “Doer” but I am not the only one! :slightly_smiling_face:


Life would still be grand. :pineapple: :palm_tree:

Chillaxin’ on a beach :beach_umbrella: :bikini: somewhere with a companion. :sunglasses:

Sippin’ on a tropical drink! :tropical_drink: :coconut:


Let’s see…

I’ll be making little less money
I’ll be a bit less busy
I’ll be interacting with fewer cooler people

and I’ll be pretty darn less experienced.
I did learn a LOT from Fiverr, that’s for sure.

If Fiverr shut down tomorrow I’ll be fine, but I’m sure it will s*ck for me up to a certain point.


A nightmare on elm street? :grimacing:


Freddy Krueger :ghost: BOOOO :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


:musical_note: sings…
Freddy’s coming for you…

Imagine FK in our dreams every night. :face_with_thermometer:

Oh, the horror! :scream:


So I’ve never actually seen Nightmare on Elm Street, but IF I remember correctly,
as long as you know it’s a dream and (try) not to believe in it, he can’t harm you??
Is it possible to kick his :baseball::baseball: and run??

I do want to ask him though,
1.Where did he get those claws ( did he DIY it, if he did, that’s some skills)
2. Why does he always wear a hat (Indian Jones fan??)
3. Why is he wearing an ugly Christmas sweater


Probably still working fast food for minimum wage.

For Zeus ^.^

Yup! I’ve always been afraid of Freddy, even to this day he gives me the heebie-jeebies. :grimacing:

Still the easiest trick in the book. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hilarious, Freddy is a good DIYer, or maybe he bought those claws from eBay or AZ. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I don’t want to ruin it for ya with spoilers~n~stuff. However, there is a reason behind it! :wink:
I actually own a few Fedora (I :heart: wear them during the :fallen_leaf: fall)

LOLz, maybe it was on clearance at the Thrift Store. :grin: I remember my parents bought me one and I absolutely hated it. :weary: