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Imcomplete Order: Turned into canceled/Rating Now Affected

I’m wondering if anyone had this problem. I had a buyer order a gig, and then message that they bought it too early cause their book wasn’t released. Then, when I’m on vacation and have all my gigs off, it suddenly starts counting down. Then, I go to cancel it, and he gets back to me that he’ll send me the info in the morning. Then, I hear nothing. Just before the gig expires, because I’ve not heard anything from him and 30 minutes time will run out, I cancel the gig.

Now, my completion rate is down to 80% and I’m going to lose my Level 1 rating that took me a year to get. All over this one gig. I’m very frustrated. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, considering I’ve had over 100 orders and have that many positive reviews. Because of one bad apple of a person that either forgot they ordered it or just didn’t bother to respond, I’m out of luck.

Has anyone had this happen before? Is there a way to avoid it?

And yes, I’m trying to get more orders to build up my completion rate again before I’m due for review in a few days. I just finished one and I’m hoping for another to help build the completion rate up. But I’m not sure I’ll make it, and it’s disappointing.

But should it happen again, what is a better course to take? I mean, I’m guessing I could have asked for an extended delivery, but I was going to get on a plane soon to go home, and I wouldn’t have access while over the Pacific Ocean. It seems like sometimes you’re doomed if you do one thing, and doomed if you do the other.

What has other sellers done in this situation?

Could still need some help with this. I had an order go through, but I’m still at 80% because this was the highest priced order possible that got cancelled. It’s like a huge amount compared to my other orders, and it’s really messed up my completion rate. I just wonder why the person put it through during my holiday when I was out of the office (Dec. 29), and then said they would send the info and never did. There’s no way for a seller to gain anything in this situation but get docked.

It makes me think that maybe it was an attack to lower my level and rating. Because I’ve tried to get other orders, and even if I get some now, they won’t be marked as complete until after the 15th. So, I’m just screwed now. After doing this for almost 2 years, I’m going to lose my level 1 rating for one bad order from a person that never responded back. Is there some better way to NOT screw over a seller?
I tried to leave it as incomplete for a few months, and sent multiple messages reminding the person about their order. The thing is, since I post interviews onto my blog for authors, I need input and info from the other person. There was no way for me to do the work without their input. I really wish I could rate the buyer when this happens.

How is there a better way? Or is there just none? No matter what, we just get screwed as a seller. And that makes me feel like it’s not worth it to try to get a rating back if it can get taken away this easily.


Every month I have at least 3-4.


I think it counts the number of orders you cancel versus the orders you complete over the course of 60 days and the price is unrelated to that.

I usually clear everything out before having a vacation. Turn the out of office mode a few days early, make sure everything’s delivered. Inform all the buyers who place orders a week before that I’ll be going away soon.

Incomplete orders can be cancelled via CS without stats (at least visibly) being affected if you explain your situation to them. Doesn’t happen every time and there are hidden stats that we don’t see but it’s worth giving it a try instead of using the resolution center (if this is how the order was cancelled).

Having incomplete orders when you plan to be 100% unavailable is not a good idea, they tend to sneak up on you. I personally just drag my laptop everywhere I go so nothing sneaks up on me.


I just leave mine alone forever. I’ve only had one or two pop up years later to complete them. I have dozens.


How do you get them to respond to you? I’d sent the people like 4-5 messages over 3 months. I have one left incomplete since September. So, you have to contact CS and tell them this buyer just isn’t responding? And yes, I did use the Resolution Center. Sounds like that isn’t necessarily the best way when people don’t respond back. I wish Fiverr could do more to help with unresponsive buyers. When the buyer drops the ball, TOTALLY, punishing the seller is ridiculous. And yeah, I thought nothing would happen because I’ve heard of others with incompletes and they just let them sit there. I thought that was the best way, and to just try to keep contacting the person until the darn thing just started as an order. I’m not even sure how unless the person that ordered said they sent everything and started the order, and then NEVER got back to me. It was weird. I still don’t know how it started up.

But I always bring my laptop with me on vacation most of the time. If it’s a short few days, sometimes I don’t need to. But I like to work on my regular fiction writing which the Fiverr freelance jobs help support. I often buy covers off Fiverr and pay my editors with gig earned money from Fiverr. So, it’s been positive most of the time. It’s just these little things that come up that just irk me sometimes. Like the system is balanced against the sellers. Because really, if someone doesn’t answer you, what can you do? Besides just ask CS, I guess. I’ll have to do that next time now.

But I guess, this is how you learn, right? Sometimes you just have to live through the situation.

I have incomplete orders going back to 2013. I’m not worried about them ever suddenly cancelling. I’ve only had one do that about three years later.

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Then the buyer must have said he sent in the info and started it going again. I’m still trying to figure how it even started clicking down. I’d been on a plane really and hadn’t even gotten my laptop out.

If they typed “I’ve sent everything” into the requirements form, it started the timer running. Fiverr considers “hi i need a poster” typed into the requirements field “requirements” I can totally work with, after all.

I keep incomplete orders up for 1-2 weeks and send reminders every 1-2 days. Then I cancel via CS and leave the inbox message asking them to contact me prior to making any more purchases.

You can’t really make them respond. By the careless way, they place orders expecting them to respond in a reasonable timeframe would be, well, unreasonable. There are some buyers who are sure they are “reserving their spot in the queue” by doing that. You have to work around it.

I don’t know why someone would just let 200+ orders “sit there”. I saw someone who said they had 1000+ of incomplete orders. It screws up the earnings and the dashboard and is overall very annoying to me.


So, I sent a request to CS to let them know what happened. Hopefully, they can do something to stop the destruction of my rating and I won’t get demoted from Level 1. But we’ll see. Thanks for all the advice everyone. It’s good to know there are other Fiverr sellers going through similar things and I’m not just out here in a void.

I’ll follow up with what they say.