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Immediate Cancellation - Fix this Fiverr!


I know I’m flogging a dead horse with this one…

But how can any freelance service honestly stand by a policy that says “Yeah, this isn’t your fault, we can clearly see it’s not your fault, but you must still suffer the consequences as if it were your fault.”???

And for the record, whilst I’m angry with the buyer, he is also only human. People make mistakes. We now have to watch our order completion rate slip through no fault of our own. (and the inevitable drop in orders that we know from experience comes with it).

(for clarity, when the seller says he’s sent double, he sent us the same $10 order 2 weeks ago, already delivered and completed. We’ve had 3 orders from him in a year (this one would be order 4), totalling about $20. He’ll be getting blocked as soon as this cancellation goes through. At this rate, he’s costing us more than he’s making us.)

This has to be fixed. I know Fiverr’s wording around this has changed recently, implying a change might be coming… But how long do sellers get unfairly punished before something gives?!



I am so sorry this happened to you. I would suggest that you do not cancel the order by yourself. Instead, you could contact CS, explain the situation to them, and then, have them cancel it for you (please attach all relevant screenshots, too). By doing this, you just might be able to prevent this order cancellation from affecting your order completion %. I am not sure if it will work for sure, but it is worth a shot.

I agree. It has been a hotly discussed topic on the forum, and some sellers have even had the privilege of voicing their concerns on this very issue directly to Fiverr’s staff. I hope they come up with a solution to this real soon.

Do let us know of the outcome. Good luck! :crossed_fingers:



It would appear that the buyer asked CS to cancel, which they have. No idea whether or not this is going to affect our rating, I might ask. My gut tells me whatever coding they are using to work out our % is probably configured to ‘all cancellations’ and nothing fancier than that, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Hit the nail right on the head.


Unfortunately, I can confirm that it’s impacted us, and our order completion has taken a hit.

Never mind. As I say, I’ve noticed the wording being used by Fiverr CS changing lately, suggesting that they might be considering a revision to this policy in the future. Here’s hoping!