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Impact of on-time delivery on level

I have a question:


The customers (buyers) rate sellers based on:

  1. Communication With Seller
  2. Service as Described
  3. Buy Again or Recommend

If a seller fail to deliver on time their “On-time Delivery” percentage decreases, impacting their level. However, there is no such thing as the “Delivered on time” option for the buyers to rate on.


I delivered the order late, the customer accepted it explicitly marking the order as completed and rated me 5 stars in all the three categories above.


When the customer is fully satisfied with the late delivery and absolutely doesn’t have any complaints, why my “on-time Delivery” percentage get affected and in turn my level?

Proposed solution:

Customers (buyers) should be given a chance to rate on “On-time Delivery” and the “On-time Delivery” percentage in the seller analytics should be calculated based on that rating and not on the actual promised vs. delivered time.

Any thoughts or am I missing to understand the system?

There is no way to ‘rate’ on-time delivery. Either you’re on time or you’re late. It’s not something that each person judges differently based on their experience with the seller.


Ideally you should have asked the buyer for a time extension. If they are okay with that they should (but might not always) accept the resolution to increase the delivery time. If they do (at least in time before it goes late) it won’t lower your on time delivery stats when the order is complete.

While your option could be used with the buyer’s rating the ‘on time’ - it’s also something that the system could objectively measure. But if the system makes it still count as late even if the buyer accepted the extension too late maybe the system should be changed to not do that.


@ janebarnaby When the seller delivers late, there could be an option for the buyer: “Are you OK with late delivery?” (Yes/No). Only two options and not the stars to rate.

@ uk1000 That’s what I usually do, requesting the buyer to extend the delivery time, and I guess that is the only solution that sellers have for now in this scenario.

I asked this question because if the buyer has the option to rate on the delivery time (Yes/No, binary rating) then we could avoid using the resolution center to mutually extend the delivery time. Sometimes we may have a need to extend the delivery time multiple times, so having this option for buyers to rate sellers would avoid using the resolution center. I have had tasks where I had to request the clients multiple times to extend the delivery time and they did it without complaining. However, I am embarrassed to request the extension multiple times and I won’t do it if it’s required more than a couple of times even though I know the buyer won’t mind. By having this option in the rating system, I could leave it to customers to rate me on their satisfaction with the delivery time.

If this is happening often, you could extend the delivery time on your gig to something more realistic. That way you will always deliver on time and won’t run the risk of your delivery stats being affected.