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Impact of views on gigs


Hi guys!
Please advise that what is the impact of views on gig ranking? Would gig rank if views and impressions are increasing daily basis? Advance thanks for your kind guidance


Increase of views doesn’t guarantee to get orders but they are a good sign that people are viewing your gig and your gig is ranked well in the search engine.


Dear @muhammadfaheem0 bundle of thanks for your kind guidance.


with due respect, have any guideline for making gigs and its marketing method ?


Dear @skshubho most important thing is making gig you should mentioned good and targeted tags, its help to SEO of your gig.


You are more than welcome.


The only guideline is to make Fiverr gigs according to Fiverr rules. These two articles can will help you to setup your gigs:

As far as marketing is concerned, use Fiverr Anywhere and social media marketing.


Thank you for your valuable info.


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