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Impacts of Self Isolation in COVID-19

Social isolation contributes to elevated blood pressure, morning spikes in cortisol levels, and disrupted sleep. Moreover, experiments representing social isolation contributed to significant declines in cognitive performance and increases in cognitive impairments in undergraduate students, even during a single brief course-related study.

While some people may appreciate the chance to be alone, others have found new ways to stay connected with their social network—behaviors that could provide critical information about how different people cope with the effects of being physically separated from society.
Nevertheless, we are a social species and during these prolong periods of self isolation, everyone of us is being affected in one way or the other.

We are a small team of freelancers with each of us having a full-time job in different verticals, and for us the impact has been quite huge. The impact of COVID on our full time jobs has indirectly also impacted our careers as part-time freelancers. Having the weekend to ourselves seems like a distant past for many of us, specially due to the work from home scenario, wherein there’s no such scheduled timings. Each one of us is being impacted by these isolation periods in a different way.

Hoping everyone out there is doing good and are fit physically as well as mentally.



No one is stopping you from taking weekends off. You can schedule yourself however you choose.


Some fine fangs!

Count Catula?


Yes surely we are trying to work towards a a weekend off for the entire team. :slight_smile:


I totally agree that the coronavirus pandemic has lead plummeted sales, anxiety and weekends that were once set aside by many to unwind as well as restore their physical and mental capacity.

However, life is what you make it and as long as you are not on a hospital bed fighting for your life then you ought yo keep busy, try to be productive, exercise patience, keep investing time + energy in what and who you love. This is because goodness always prevails and some forces believe in using chaos to assume control or maintain order.

I keep writing, designing logos, flyers, receipt books, invitations etc and keep marketing though I’m cognizant of the reduction in the money supply globally as well as the uncertainty that is affecting buyer decision but my efforts are to prepare for what is to come and I urge you to keep moving forward despite the odds.




This post assumes everyone is an extrovert and can’t survive without social contact. Introverts are doing just fine during the lockdown.

Besides, different countries, states, and cities, have different lockdowns. Here in Florida, you can go and do almost anything as long as you wear a mask indoors. I’ve learned to live with a balaclava, I think I’m gonna keep wearing it after a cure is found. Baclavas offer great protection from the sun.


I literally have best period of my life lol


Thanks for sharing.

The hardest part for me was having to use drive-thru instead of entering restaurants. I was so happy when that ended. Other than that, my life didn’t change much. The only change was and continues to be… not hugging my parents, sister, nephew, niece, etc, but I was never much of a hugger.

My social life hasn’t changed. I had one friend before, that I would see once or twice a month. I have the same friend, but haven’t seen him in months.

So how are you having the best time of your life?

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I’m at third year of high school? I think its called high school in US. And I have lots of time now (because i have less lectures and most of them are online) to just grow business on Fiverr aswell as my other side hustles.

I think it’s just great, im a big introvert so I don’t really care about socializing that much anyway. Definitely can live without it for a longer period.


Yes, it’s called High School in the U.S. There’s also elementary school which happens before high school.

Glad your side hustles are working out for you.

I can’t imagine taking lectures online though. I signed up for The Great Courses, but I find it boring. I think I’d rather read a book or sit in a class. Maybe The Great Courses would work better on my living room TV instead of my computer or my phone.

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Maybe try other courses? Other platform or topic. Im a big fan of Udemy.

I tried Udemy once, it was OK. Also did the Fiverr marketing on Facebook course. Udemy is cheaper, but you won’t get a badge on your Fiverr account.


Yeah it is quite good

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