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Impatient buyers!

Has anyone else had problems with buyers being super impatient?

Just recently, I had a buyer who ordered one of my gigs (Which states that I have a lead time of around 6 days) when I already had a queue of four orders. I get the information for the gig, all is okay so far. An hour later, I get a message: “The deadline is wednesday, finish the gig before then.” (Wednesday was a full three days before the gig delivery time which I had set.) I explained that the buyer should understand that I’m currently working on a few other projects and that I may not be able to start just yet as the other orders came in first and thus are ahead in my queue, and I get a an “Ok.” In response. Anyway, fast forward a few hours and the buyer is saying “Please start working on it now.” Buyers like this are so annoying! What is the best way to deal with people like this in other people’s experiences? For example, once I have finished the gig, is there any way to stop this buyer coming back without being rude?

Reply to @catwriter: I mean, if you force a cancellation through on your own, you get a negative mark on your gig (at least, it did, when I did it), but if CS cancels it, she might get an increase in her cancellation ratio, but it won’t show up as a negative on the gig page.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I think that only mutual cancellations have no negative effect. Unless, I suppose, she can prove that the buyer is harassing her.

Reply to @katecarlile: This is just what I would do, then, in that situation. I’d just deliver it and then wait. If they try to order again and demand the same kind of expedited service, I’d let them know that you really cannot provide it, and then request a cancellation. If they persist and will not mutually cancel (or just let the cancellation run out) you can always contact support and ask them to cancel the order–which I think, I may be wrong, shouldn’t affect you negatively.

To top it all off, this buyer is now sending me death threats via inbox. How lovely. :))

Reply to @katecarlile: In theory, if they refuse the cancellation, you could try to keep hitting the cancel button and also contact Customer Support.


Sorry you’re having this problem… happens to me all the time. Though my estimated completion time is clearly stated, they try to push me to go faster. I politely message and tell them that I do have other work ahead of theirs and I will complete it before the deadline. I don’t know what else we can do. I wished there was some way to block certain buyers from our gigs but as far as I know there isn’t. You could always cancel the order and explain why but they can always decline cancellation. With one buyer, I had to completely stop responding to them because I was nearing the point of insanity and eventually, they took the hint and stopped ordering. Good luck!!

There’s no way to stop the buyer coming back. You can only ask them nicely (or not so nicely, but without breaking the rules).

Perhaps you could request mutual cancellation, with an explanation like “Sorry about the mutual cancellation request, but I can’t work on this before I finish the other projects. If that is a problem to you, please accept the mutual cancellation and the refund so you can find someone better suited to your needs. Thank you.”

I usually write a message that’s something like, "Sorry for any inconvenience, but with my current work schedule, I cannot complete this project in the time frame you need. I can deliver it to you on (the day I would be able to deliver it). If you need it earlier than that, I would be happy to cancel this order and let you find someone with a lighter workload. Alternatively, you could purchase the extra-fast delivery extra, which will move your project to the top of my list."

I often leave out that last line if I wouldn’t actually have time to complete the project even if they do want to purchase that extra. To my surprise, the urgency usually disappears after I send that message.

In this case, however, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be willing to do any waiting. I’d cancel. If you expedite his delivery this time, he’s going to expect you to do it for him every time.

Personally I would cancel the gig. The buyer will end up giving you a bad rating simply because of you not meeting her unreasonable demands.

Ask for a mutual cancellation when you find this kind of “buyers”!

Thanks for the input, my worry is that if I try to cancel the gig and he/she refuses, then I’ll get negative rating left on my gig. I guess I’ll finish the work and then politely tell the buyer that they should consider other sellers in the future. How I’ll word that, I have no idea!

This buyer alone has put me off fiverr completely! I finished the work today seeing as I had some extra time, exactly as described, and to a high standard. I think he tried to scam me out of some money by telling me to cancel the order after he had marked it as a one star review!

How do I contact customer support? Said individual has now proceeded to call me rude names and generally harass me in a rude manner.

Reply to @katecarlile: Click on this link (Customer Support). Up in the right hand corner, there’s a button that says something like submit a request…

Reply to @emasonwrites: Ah got it, thanks! Well this is the first time that someone has called me a s**g in their gig review! Oh well, there’s a first time for everything!

Reply to @katecarlile: Yeah, that’s totally inappropriate. Hopefully CS will remove it–I mean, besides being just really rude, just from a technical standpoint the comment itself doesn’t have anything to do with a product. It’s just a personal attack. I don’t see why that would be allowed to stand.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Hopefully they will. A buyer left me a vulgar review once, and CS removed it.