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Impending Doom - Worse than PayPal Chargeback


If you’ve had a bad experience lately and need to feel better, just consider that you probably don’t own a $90 pair of apocalyptic jeans.


I kinda like those lol, but I don’t know if I could pull them off


I wonder which “designer” came up with this awesome concept. I bet the knees are super-crinkly too.


I’m thinking it’s a designer who has synth knees. The knees have their own personalities and they want to be able to see freely.


But why only the knees? Why not the entire leg? Or the entire thing?


Sorry you had a bad experience :frowning: While we may not see all things the same. I still have solidarity for you in your times of trouble.


Well, knees do need replacing more often than whole legs. I know a lot of people who’ve had knee replacements. So, sentient self-aware knees make sense.


Hmm, I’m guessing another Kanye West creation. :grin:


:confused: That´s the last design of jeans I want to be wearing when the end is nigh (not that I´d want to be wearing those at any other time), I’ll just stick to my pair with biker style knees, great, I just saved 90$.


I’ll take one of these. :yum:


Why does that post seem to me like something written by @emmaki? Hmm, just thinking out loud…

Anyways, great jean for all Fiverr DOERS


Please, everyone kindly ignore the comments of our dear Anarcho, he’s highly ignorant.


Didn´t you see the BR recently?

Looking for a designer who designs, must be COMPLETELY NEW UNIQUE jeans design, must pass copyscape, 24 hours, 5$, Do not bother applying if you can´t work with my budget!!!


And what pray tell am I “ignorant of”, exactly @rainny_writer

Seems a bold claim from a L2 seller to a Superseller and TRS who has bought more gigs as a buyer than you’ve sold as a seller …and did that BEFORE you were a member. :slight_smile:
But I’ll let “everyone kindly” make up their own minds.


@miiila Well, you did get unique! I had no idea that you were so prestigious. These jeans have become the talk of the internet. You do look a bit like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada.


Oh, my dear, ignorance has never been a factor of age. Not in real life, and certainly not on this platform. So, pulling the L2 seller vs. TRS analogy is just as stupid as the victim analogy you’re trying to pull off in the other thread.

Now to clear your ignorance

This was a lighthearted banter started to detract (if only a little) from all of the problems any might face on the platform (PayPal chargebacks definitely being the height of these). But rather than taking the time to go through the opening post, you decided to throw in your support of solidarity. So, pray tell, what exactly are you solidarizing with? So, are you ignorant?

Now, if I may, I’ve got to face my meager orders (at least, that way I can deliver as much as you’ve bought). You, my dear jobless TRS can go ahead from thread to thread seeking to find a problem with the CS so you throw your solidarity against the victims.


If your claim is that I’m “ignorant” to some nuance of his joke on this page by focusing on his claim to have a bad day and take that seriously (something that I see no evidence as having anything to do with CS, by the way), I’m not only happy to be “guilty as charged” …

…I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I take people seriously when they say they’re not well and things are bad.


Focusing on my claim? Your comments in this thread are hard to follow, so just checking, but I assume you have to mean me since it was my thread. I think you’ve misunderstood an awful lot about this thread.


I saw those on twitter. My knees are my least redeeming feature and that’s saying a lot.


My legs are so short, it wouldn’t be my knees but my shins on display!