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Implementing Fiverr forum in the Android app


I installed your new app on my tablet and it looks wonderfull. This way I can be always online for my customers, but I don’t see a way to be in the blog or forum with the app. I mean, if I have to go to the browser for that, what is the point of using the app. I can just open in one tab, in second and in a third tab…

So I think it will be great to integrate the forum and the blog in the app so we can use it for everything. What do you think about this idea.

Best Regards,

Ventsislav Georgiev

@wadsolutions They mainly wanted to make it easier for buyers to do impulse buys. It doesn’t seem like they put much effort in regards to the aspects of the seller in mind or the forum where they make no profit from. Also note, the app is still relatively new, so perhaps they will add it eventually(Although that “eventually” may be many months away, sadly.). I am hoping for further work to be done in regards to the seller point of view. Right now it’s rather limited. It would be nice, as I check the forum quite often. However when I try to check it on my tablet, it’s not exactly “user-friendly”.

I understand…

@freelancemm Yes, their purpose was for the buyer. But note in this new fiverr v2 was far better for the seller overall.

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:slight_smile: Joe

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