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Implications of closing an account

I’m thinking of closing my account and starting afresh . Has anyone ever done this? How was your comeback and experience?

I wanted to change my username that is why I wanted to give it a try. I have asked CS if my accounts can be merged, the answer was ‘NO’. It meant I have to start from new seller. No way! My first month fiverr earning was round about $130 lol. These days I’m earning round about $800. Its still ok for a new level 2 seller. Since I have hired 2 more people to work in my team and I’m constantly upgrading my equipments, I can’t even imagine to start from fresh. I will ask CS if I can have other account on a mate’s device. Since 1 person is allowed to have one account only. But we are a team of 7. So I may get allowed to open other account on a mate computer. Of course, payment methods will be different for both accounts.

One of the few reasons I ever suggest that someone consider it is if they have a run of bad “luck” and drive their ratings below 70% positive. Otherwise I think it’s rare to see a good enough reason for it on an account with good levels and reviews.

Yes. But I assume he has 90%+ ratings.

I know Fiverr will someday let us create more than one account easily. I posted a thread about that on the forum.

My levels are not there . If they get that low, that would be an attractive option.

Just give the Fiverr team your badge and gun before you leave.

I’m not sure why would you want to close an account with good reviews… But from what I see on Fiverr, a fresh start seems quite difficult. Lately I have seen a lot of threads of people trying to make their first sale. Plus your levels are gone and so are your gig rankings. Big step to take. Do it only if absolutely essential.