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Impolite buyers


Hi everyone!

Has anyone ever had any experience with impolite buyers? You know, the type of people that, you’ve never talked to them before, and they suddenly send a message like 'My website is www.(…).com and I want a banner. I want it like this, this, this, etc. I want it to be professional and modern. It has to attract people to click on it. I want 5 sizes for one gig.(my gig offers 3 banner sizes) Hope you understood what I want’

ARE THEY SERIOUS? :open_mouth: Where is the ‘HI’ and 'THANK YOU? Being polite is free, you know…

Anyone with similar experience? :slight_smile:


i think you’ve just described me. lol


Haha seriously, I reject all of these buyers. I don’t answer to their messages.

Or I send them something like:




Most of them never reply! :))


Sure… this has also happened to me… It’s very annoying :confused: As a con in fiverr, I struggled a bit… Anyways, agree with the post…


@oldbittygrandma, you have a point. :slight_smile:

The reason I do that is because more than 2 times, a buyer sent me a message like that, asking for more than was included in gig for $5. I decided to work with them. The first order, ended in cancellation. The user waited for me to send the files, and then without asking for a revision, without telling me what he liked or not, he cancelled the order leaving me a negative review.(which Fiverr removed. Thanks Fiverr!). He kept the files.

The second, was a politician who I think did not understand what was offered in my gig, he bought my header gig but he wanted a logo AND a header for $5, threatening me that he would leave a bad review. I was new to fiverr, so I sent him what he wanted,(I spent more than 30 hours on his order,revision after revision)and I never heard of him again. A few other users did that too, so, I decided(depending on the case) not to work with them. Yes, I might lose a few orders, but I think it’s not worth the risk…

On the other hand, I have met REALLY AWESOME people on Fiverr, great people from around the world, and I’m really thankful that they choose me to work with again and again. I trust them and they trust me, and I always try to do my best for them. And I’m always happy to do more than expected. :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: agree with you…because the way I see is…we can’t expect everyone to be polite,educated or personality with manners and all…As sellers and buyers who do have those polite qualities have to let those who don’t have them to learn the way…not by force but they will learn someday… :slight_smile: