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Import Export Code for Indian Fiverr Sellers

It’s been a topic of debate since its inception, and even the Tax Practitioners are having different views.

While everyone agrees that service tax exception is available for exported services, some argue that the provider must have an Import Export Code in order to redeem the privilege.

I assume it is a must and I suggest everyone to have it, but wise advice from experienced freelancers appreciated

I don’t really know, I just do what my accountant wants me to do, really. He handles everything.

Any other Indian here?

I do the same as writer99025. I just complete the formalities my accountant asks me to do.
I agree that there isn’t much documentation/information on the internet about how sellers with intangible services on a third party website deal with the taxes in India. I googled but the answers I found were either very confusing or not very helpful. I even contacted Paypal and got some answers but spending time on it wasn’t worth the hassle. So I now just leave everything on my CA.

CA cannot apply for an IEC without our permission