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Import Logos for Buyers

Hello everyone I want a suggestions which type of logos I can upload ?


Upload where? What do you mean which kind of logos?


fiverr introduce new option of logos for buyer

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Of you are talking about Logo maker then it’s all explained in the process and they have guidance when you are going to that page from seller account. So why not to read it?


This is really horrible advice that can get him banned.

Behance is not allowed. Please stop giving potentially harmful advice.


why just behance?!

you should share everything you have with the client and make sure by that your fiverr account will be deleted in a minute :slight_smile:

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The ones that you made yourself and are copied from somewhere or resold

The relevant categories are already displayed.

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Are you serious behance is made by adobe hope you know every thing we designer make share it on there just to strong our portfolio. When buyer asked for samples can you make new designs for him or share your link to him to show your skills which one you would prefer. I’m sharing my link of behance as a portfolio to buyers if he wants samples. I am not banned Allhamdulillah.

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Ho ho then I hope you are praying for your account not to be banned.

I know enough, and I also “know enough of fiverr TOS” which you obviously didn’t read.

Fiverr doesn’t allow to use behance. (You can use it wherever else but not on fiverr). If or when they will catch you you will loose your account. Sometimes even without a warning as sharing links to the websites that are not allowed by fiverr is a huge violation here.

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I have upload logo but no response

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Then I’m going to tell you again to read the page and emails that fiverr is sending to you.
Fiverr didn’t roll out that feature for buyers yet.


Thank you very much friend