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Importance of gig discription

Hi! I am joy. Here i have a little confusion. We know that gig title and tag are important for gig seo. But what about gig description? is gig description have any role in Gig seo? please help to clear this topic. advance thanks.

Does it matter? A message is important either way. You have to communicate value and suitability there either way.

People need to focus more on communication.


Its all about getting orders. the more orders get, more chances to get your gig in first page. so try to get orders via buyer requests.

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Fiverr advises sellers to include a relevant keyword in their gig’s tags, title and description. So, to answer your question, description does play a role in gig SEO.


i don’t think so. i compared my two gigs. another with1 review other with 5 review. but when i search the 1 review gig is in first page another is 5th page. i cannot understand of same title and same tag why so different

yes i think so. i need to give attention in gig description too. thank you!


It is referred to here:


thank you so much everything is clear now.

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