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Importance of same title and url in fiverr gig

I posted my gigs about a month before. laster I decided to keep the titles a bit smaller so all context appears in the visitor search view area as well.

but after I changed titles, the URL or slug of my gigs remained the old. now my gigs have some impressions, views, and clicks as well. should I delete these gigs and make a new one again with matching title and slug/url.?

also one of my gigs also have a purchase. which I think better not to delete. I need some expert opinions over this, with thanks in advance.

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Don’t care about the gig URL if you have zero reviews on your gig then it doesn’t matter if you delete the gig and create new one.

i was wondering as if fiverr search works like a search engine to make a match with the URL and main title of the page.? or it just takes category and contents to make the context of entire page.?

So by trying you know what will happen.

yup, i was also wondering to do it early as possible. since my gigs are new with few impressions and views or clicks. so i can make this experiment at the moment. just wanting opinions as if it can be worthy.?

I removed my gigs and placed new one so that the URLs also match with titles this time. and I think it is working so far, as the total impressions over these gigs in 30 days before changes are less than the total impressions got in just 10 days. (I did not remove the gig which already got orders and reviews, still not sure what to do with that one)

So all I got with this experience so far:

  • New gigs with shorter URL easier for the client to remember even
  • Matching URL and titles (maybe good for searches)
  • More impressions in 10 days as compared to old gigs in 30 days