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Importance of Sending 10 offers to Buyers


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Rah, we see the same tips over and over again telling newbies “send 10 unique offers a day”.
While it all sounds good, it’s not really helpful without detailed instructions.

Telling a newbie to send unique offers doesn’t mean much. Instead take one of your own offers, break it down into actionable items and show newbies what they should do.

And I’m not talking about giving them a template. I’m talking about giving examples and explaining why it works.


Sure, I send some template and example.


They don’t need a template they need an example with a breakdown explaining why you made the offer they way you did.

One way of doing this is to take one of your successful offers and break it down line by line explaining the logic & reasoning behind it. That way other senior sellers can jump in and build on it which hopefully will give a pretty good guide for newbies.


Sure, I will explain.


Thank you sir
For sharing your knowledge and experience with us


Well said! Liked what you said. At the starting point, the seller needs to not focus so much on earning and prices but on quality of work and ratings.

Providing any offer with seriousness and professional way drive your mindset to the buyer that you are encouraged to do for him. But I think providing service in extreme minimum cost is drive buyer that mindset that you do cheap quality work. So in my opinion, staying in medium cost is good. And there is no chance that new seller will not get the order if he works seriously! Maybe but sooner or later.


Good advice brother …, :slight_smile:


I will try it


Can you please help with that?
… that works really well…


@rahdil promised to provide some samples. I’m not sure why he hasn’t done it yet.


They tell you not to write a cookie :cookie: cutter
buyers request response. Or a lengthy one and to keep it less than 250 characters.
But my carefully crafted response to buyers requests has 5 things

  1. A non ego based intro
  2. What I can do for them
  3. Why I’m different
  4. TOS allowed links to samples and my other gigs…
  5. A place to personalise for their request.

I’ve lost count how many buyers requests this has got me clients


@rahdil, why did you create a new topic just to copy part of the advice from your old topic?

Some Easy Tips for New Sellers


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Okay, I just started for the newbies who do not give importance to offers.

Can I remove it?


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Okay. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Rah Dil