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IMPORTANT: Bug in the system, or BlackHat technique! My gigs is redirected


Something strange is happening to my gig. Please check attached files. All my gig is redirected to this gig

Please check your gigs too. This is maybe bug in the system or blach hat technique. Thar Gig now has 23in queue and he started about 2 hour ago :open_mouth:

I have imediattly contact fiverr suport when I have noticed that. Please chech your gig too…

Sheriff’s Note: Issue Resolved


Probably problem is solved :)]


This should be resolved now !


Seems to be happening to everyone… including me- I’ve contacted support but not heard back. I usually get atleast 3 sales on Mondays - today 0 - seems fragglesrock is getting all of our orders…


Update via Fiverr support:

„Thank you for letting us know, we are aware of this issue and our techs are currently working on this to resolve it hopefully within the hour. Thank you for your patience.“