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[ Important ] Buyer still using my work after order cancellation!

Hi there ,
i am sharing my experience about one of my recent orders
buyer showed me design and i’ve developed it then he told me to transfer it to his server
then he refused to accept order and started making excuses i contacted customer support showed them every proof STILL AS USUAL THEY DONT HELP SELLERS
buyer give reason that he’s not satisfied and they cancelled order
this cant be reason to cancel order after showing every proof that work was done according to his requirements

and now he is using the website i developed
all my hard work is gone for free and fiverr didn’t supported

Feeling Helpless

Important TIP : if you’re a web developer / designer make sure you develop all you work on your own domain and then transfer it to buyers server after he said that he is satisfied

  1. Why did you migrate the site to their server before confirmation that they are satisfied with the result?
  2. Why did you accept cancellation?

I’m not making any suggestions, but it’s not wise to piss off a web developer, especially the ones who understand SEO :smiley:
The person who develops your site also knows the flaws in the system.

  1. i never had this experience thats why transferred it
  2. i didnt accept cancellation fiverr cancelled it

i even showed fiverr CS video that buyer send me previously in that video it was working perfectly still they cancelled order

Oh well, not every agent is able to read just like some buyers :disappointed:
I suppose the only solution is to keep the site until buyer has confirmed that they are satisfied

If you don’t mind me asking, what was the value. How much did you lose?

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agree :+1: :disappointed:

the value was $295 :disappointed:

Can’t believe CS cancelled it so lightly :disappointed:
Start thinking about creating your own business outside of Fiverr. Since you’re a web developer it’s easier for you to create a secondary revenue source as opposed to some other sellers.

Check out WP Elevation. I think they are taking in new member already


If you have admin access then remove all the work from his site which you did


then may be he will contact you :slight_smile:

he changed password and username

agree with you… :+1:

So the buyer had to tell CS some reason for it to be cancelled. I know they do not lightly or easily cancel orders without a good reason.

I agree. You should follow up on the ticket. CS should know that he is still using your work.

True, but there have been incidents where CS cancelled orders in a rush which resulted in an apology and refund to the seller later on.


i’ve contacted them 2-3 times they just reply me with an automated reply thats it

I am sorry that is unfortunate. Since you were never compensated for your work, you should find a way to have the site taken down. Perhaps through the host if you send them proof?

Are you sure CS cancelled it? Perhaps a chargeback? Is the buyers account still active?


take down the first time he is restoring backup again now i am taking it down second time thank god i’ve added backdoor the time i smell something wrong

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yes i’ve contacted them let me show you what they sent

I agree with all those that suggested that you build on your own domain and transfer when the buyer approves the work. I work this way with our Fiverr developer and it’s awesome for us because we don’t disrupt our current site while he’s making changes. As far as this particular buyer is concerned, trust he/she’ll be back. Websites always need changes and if you did good work, that means the customer will be back. And when they come back, don’t fix anything until you’re compensated for the gig he cancelled and the update!