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[important] country flags are now showing on gig

hi all just recently saw that now country flags are started showing on gigs

which country flag your gig is showing ? my is India :india:


I have no Gigs, so no flag for me. I think they look quite stylish, though!

Edit: I just checked my homepage. I’m not seeing them yet.


yes they look stylish :slight_smile:
i think they are slowly rolling out this feature may be not available for everyone yet

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Why though? I would imagine a lot of people would prefer to pick (sellers) with flags of US, UK, CA and other English speaking countries, so there’s no language barriers and less chances of miscommunication. :thinking: Unless the buyer doesn’t speak english very well.


i dont think we can pick country flags they are set on our default country from where we are or they automatically detects our location

I don’t think adsensewizard is talking about sellers picking a country flag of choice. :confused:

S/he is talking about buyers choosing gigs from their country of choice –say the UK, Australia, the USA or whatever.


yes that can happen people will choose sellers depending on their country also that can cause in decrease in impressions and gig views and lower sales for some sellers

I’m sorry to say this, but this feature promotes discrimination :cry:

So many buyers have come to the forum saying that they wanted a country filter to avoid buying from sellers that are part of some countries they had bad experiences with, thus generalizing their bad experiences and missing out on some really great sellers from such countries.

Then there are sellers who get messages from potential buyers asking why they charge so much given the country they live in and demanding discounts because of their location.

This feature seems to act like a big “AVOID” sign for many honest sellers with great English skills and genuine offers. And I’ve seen a significant drop in all my stats immediately after this feature was introduced :pensive:

P.S. and when you also think that not all sellers were born in the countries they currently live in that show up on their gigs…


Fiverr a few years ago…


Hi @Woofy31

Buyers have always known where sellers are from as it has always been shown along with the avg response time, average delivery and expertice on each seller’s gig.

I don’t know how to post the image on the forum, sorry, but if you search on any category, you can see what I mean.


I will draw your pets in my cute disney style

by XXXXX Level 1 Seller, From Australia, 6 Hrs. Avg Response Time
Starting At $20
5.0 (40)
Expertise: caricature & cartoons, artist, digital artist, freehand drawing
Average Delivery: 14 Days

I will make you a digital painting as a king or queen

by XXXXX From Bulgaria, 1 Hrs. Avg Response Time
Starting At $10
4.8 (16)
Expertise: translation, proofreading, product descriptions, article writing

I will draw you as a duke or king perfect for gift

by XXXXXX From Serbia, 6 Hrs. Avg Response Time
Starting At $5
4.8 (22)
Expertise: 3dsmax, adobe after effect, photoshop, unity3d
Average Delivery: 1 Day

The above, is the information shown next to the gig cover.

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Buyers would see the country of a seller on their profile pages after choosing a gig, but not in search results right from the first sight and before making a gig choice. Now, some buyers will see a good gig, then they see the flag, and they go “oh my, I’ve had bad experiences with sellers from that country, I’ll better skip this one”.

True, it was like this back in 2010-2012, but then Fiverr removed the flags from search results (there must have been a good reason why they removed it back then), and now they brought it back.


No, I’m not talking of the profile. Please look the comment I posted just above yours. That information is displayed next to tha gig when searching.

I don’t know how to post my screen image but if you please teach me how to post a copy/paste of it, I’ll do it for you to see what I’m saying.

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We don’t know…
Perhaps they removed it for a bad reason :wink:


@Woofy31, I hope the image comes up right :persevere:

This example is what is shown through the search


still i can’t see any changes in my search results :roll_eyes:

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Well, it appears the flags have been removed from gigs in search results. So that means Fiverr is still testing that feature, to see what kind of impact it might have.

If you look at the very first post’s image in this thread here [important] country flags are now showing on gig you’ll see the tiny country flags on every gig in search results - it was like this until today, now I see they removed the flags again.


Let’s hope this was just an unintended consequence of all the fiddling around Fiverr is probably doing while implementing all the new features :smiley: :pray:

@maitasun You’re right… Before this, they had had it indicated in a verbal manner… until this “bug” happened where it changed to a more visual, eye-catching depiction of the sellers’ location.


The flag is just the graphic way to display where a seller is from and that information has always been there as I have shown you in the image I posted. Please take a look at it.

As you can see, with or without flags, buyers still know where a sellers is from and has always known.

@hanshuber16 we were typing at the same time!!! :rofl: nice to here from you :smiley:


@hanshuber16 @Woofy31

Please, let me add that for those saying that flags are highly discriminatory, I would suggest to think about it twice. Flags are wayyyyy less discriminatory than words as not everyone knows every country’s flag so, unless buyers would be willing to waste their time looking up to what country any given flag belongs, that won’t make much of a difference when selecting a gig.