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[Important Feature] Ability to Withdraw particular Funds to PayPal

Hello Everyone,

I have been a member for 2+ years on the Fiverr, as a Trusted Seller and Buyer,

Recently, I have been facing difficulties, with the function of Complete withdraw of the funds into my PayPal.

As, everytime I withdraw, All the funds would be sent to my PayPal, which inturn gets sent to the Bank (without allowing me to use my funds directly from PayPal - as Indian government has restricted its usage) .

And to make things worser, I will have to use a VCC (entropay) to pay for a gig in fiverr through PayPal, which incurrs a charge of 5% and a Forex cut of 10%. (Due to the exchange of money for INR -> EUR -> DOLLAR).

As you see all theses extra 15% wastage of money could be prevented, if only a small feature of ‘Withdrawing Particular Funds’ is added in the withdrawal section.

In this way - We could not only get our funds in the bank, but also have some funds in our Fiverr account to purchase any Gigs from fiverr. (:

I believe many would support this Feature and would be happy to have this Improvement here.

Everyone who wants this feature, Kindly place a ‘like’ and ‘post your comments below’.

And dont forget to ‘Follow’ this thread, incase for any updates.

Have a Good day !

I second the call for partial withdrawal of revenue.


I use entropay too. That was the last option for me that worked.

Reply to @contentprodigy: Glad to know that :slight_smile:

I hope we get this feature soon

Reply to @kay2809: Me too, I had to use Entropay’s VCC to get my card accepted in PayPal.

i too think partial withdrawal of revenue is really required feature.

my vote for partial withdrawal

Reply to @kalpjam: Thank you for placing your opinion

Reply to @designdep0t: Thank you for joining :slight_smile:

I am also an Indian and I too face the same problem !!!

Reply to @simeonlafroid: Lets hope Fiverr, adds this Feature soon

Must have feature … It will solve many problems for the indian seller’s.

Reply to @vishalassassin: thank you for placing your opinion