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Important: Gig Suddenly Not Appears in search


Yesterday My gig was live and working perfectly. But yesterday night I check again.

And my gig was not appearing in search. My gigs are still alive and active.

But Problem no of my gig in a show in search. I don’t know what happens.

2 of my gigs are on the First Page of the Fiverr search.

When I write: HTML Landing Page. appear on the first page first row.

But now not anywhere. I don’t know what the problem is.

Do any know what the problem is?

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Sometimes this issue can shown
You can try to knock Fiverr seller support under category why my gigs aren’t appears in search

Thus Fiverr support will take care of it

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Thank You! yeah I already contact support but they take a long time to respond.

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Post replies to your support ticket by letting them that you are in need of that. I have some requests posts older than 2 months now, but not yet resolved. Due to the high amount of customer requests, they may use some approaches to prioritizing them.

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