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Important Message for All New Sellers Who are Struggling! [ARCHIVED]


Hey there ,
If you are a New Seller at fiverr and you are struggling in getting orders then i have a very very important message for you !!!

  • I have seen new sellers posting their services into “Buyer Request” page so that some buyers might look there request about their service and they might order them !
    PLEASE STOP DOING SO ,…!!! :confused:

Buyer Requests are meant only for Buyers so they post their requests and get offers !
It is not meant for sellers to post their services there …! If you think that buyers will order you like this way then you are wrong !!! Totally Wrong !!! not only you will be wasting your time but also risking your Fiverr Account !
YES !!! Your account can get banned permanently if you will do this for several times !! and you wont get your account back !

So one should never Post his Services into Buyer Requests Page !! as this is Against the Terms and Conditions of Fiverr !

=> However you can surely send offers to the requests posted in “buyer Requests” page by Buyers :slight_smile:

Hope this post would save many accounts from getting banned permanently :stuck_out_tongue:



This isn’t a first time we claim about it on forum. Fiverr should make that word like “Buyer’s Requests” instead of “Buyer Requests”. Most newbies think that “Buyer Requests” is ‘Request for buyers’ system.


people here are not kids ! they know very well what this Buyer request is for … but the thing they dont know is that they wont get any order by posting their service in buyer request and their account can get banned ! :stuck_out_tongue:


You have right ! Almost i was sending offers to some sellers … Thanks …


always find a right way :slight_smile: never use shortcuts :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile:


I understand people here are not kids. But some people are of different languages and they use computer translators to use fiverr. And some translators take “Buyer Request” as " Request for buyers".


I sent message to at least 25 sellers who did this and they thanked me because they didn’t understand the system. Most of them have a poor knowledge of the English language.


Thank YOU FOR THE TIP :slight_smile:


I agree with you. New seller should do right promotion without hit “buyer request”


Thanks for your tricks and tips information about getting orders online


Thanks for pointing out. For transferring messages across different phones, it’s a great tool.


Thank for your informative tips and tricks. Surely it will be helpful tips not only for new sellers while it helpful for all sellers. Keep doing


so a seller who is stuggling in getting orders what is your advice to such seller?


I would tell him to concentrate on his gigs. Create new ones, improve old ones, rewrite things, change pictures, pay people to create gig images for him (if he’s not a graphic artist), etc. Very few of my orders have come from Buyer’s Request, this is a section I ignore unless I’m having a slow day and I’m bored.




We keep moaning about this but Fiverr do not seem to care and do nothing about this. People who post should get one warning then a ban I think that is fair???


they actually get ban if they continue to promote their service in buyer requests …! it happened with my friend !


I agree, that is really annoying. And It will ever bring them any sales since the people who browse these requests are mainly sellers looking for buyers.