Important message for ALL sellers


Hey see-:astonished: this guy says that he can rank your fiverr gigs on rank 1 of a search term. (He says that he is a fiverr employee himself). Can he really place your gig on rank 1? Has anyone tried him? This is the gig which claims to do so.

If yes, please tell me I’ll also order.


My simple, humble advice is: “use your common sense”


so why not he rank his gig so funny service :joy:


Very well said! Bcz one has to better follow their natural instincts when one is in a dilemma irrespective of the things they come across.:ok_hand:


That’s TOTALLY VIOLATION OF FIVERR TERMS. That seller will be banned by fiverr. When fiverr will notice about his gig.
No one allow to advertise himself as fiverr admin guy in their gig description.