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Important message regarding your Fiverr account

Hello Fiverr Family,

How are you?

Important message regarding your Fiverr account - That is what the email subject read

Well I have been demoted and it is not a good feeling, but I am one that likes to learn from mistakes.

I believe it was because my response rate is at 88% - everything else was good.

Are there any tips or techniques of what I can do to for some one like myself that is not always at my computer to improve my response rate?

Thank you so much for your time and feedback.

  • Pastor Dre

I use the Fiverr mobile application. I have Response Rate 100% .


I would recommend using the mobile app, you can find it on iOS and also on Android.

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Use mobile app. You got 24 hours to respond to a message. If mobile app is not possible to use, you can fix a time in every day when you can respond to all pending messages from your computer. It should not take much time.

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