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Important Post for all. Please read it. --> Increase order completion days but decrease revenue clearance days

Hello Guys, How are you all? After having few experiences I have a suggestion.

  • Issue: If a buyer doesn’t respond on the order for 3 days, Fiverr marks the order as completed. It causes problems for both buyers and sellers.

When an order is completed automatically by Fiverr, the buyers think that the seller completed it without my permission then the buyers feel uncomfortable and lose confidence in Fiverr and seller. Sometimes they rate the order with fewer stars (which affects the seller’s rating without making any mistake.) and sometimes never come back because they lose trust in Fiverr.

This affects the business of sellers and Fiverr.

  • Proposed Solution: Increase order completion days from 3 days to 5 days and decrease revenue clearance days to 10 days.

  • Expected Result: It will give more time to the buyer. There will be more chances that the buyer will come back in the meantime because many times it happens that the buyer returns on the 4th or 5th day. Such orders will be completed with the buyer’s consent then It will enhance the trust level and overall experience for both buyers and sellers and the sellers’ ratings will be not be affected as it has been affecting nowadays.

It is what I think. You can also share what do you think.

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What is this? YouTube? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, buyers get two automatic notifications that they have a specific time frame to respond.

And then they get a notification that clearly states the order was completed by the system.

Nothing happens in the dark, no one can falsely assume anymore that the seller closed the order.


No, absolutely not.
As Frank said, a buyer gets enough message from Fiverr about the order and every seller should explain in the delivery message what was done and if the buyer has any concerns then they should reach out before the order is completed.



we are always trying to buyer feels a safety with us.
if an order is completed by the Fiverr system, then we have to always message to the buyer, we are always here to help in your previous order. we can’t charge any single penny for the changes in the previous order. That way Buyers always feel safe with the platform and the seller.

Thank you guys for guiding. In past few days actually it happened 2 times with me. That’s why I posted this.

Okay no problem. Thank you all.