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Important Question About Gig Creating!

Hello Dear Fiverr Experts!!
i want to ask you how many gig we can create in a single category.
i am designer and i am expert in creating logo designs banners and other graphic work.
can i add more gigs in logo designing category?
some of fiverr experts tell me dont add more gigs in single category.
so waiting for your feedback?

I’ve seen sellers with 5 gigs in one category but only one might have a high rank. The rest won’t show up, or will be far down the list.

so what you suggest me to create more gigs in one category or just create one gig in a category and wait for orders?

You can try creating gigs in the same category and see what happens. There is nothing that is better than trying different things. I can’t tell you exactly what will happen.

thank you madam