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Important Question from seniors


Hi, seniors , i have 4.7 rating . so my Q is that how much 5 Stars reviews i need for 4.8 rating ? please replay must if anyone know about that .


It’s math. It depends on the amount of orders. Just do your math.


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I’m confused. Are you asking for only high school seniors to answer this? College seniors? Elderly seniors? What kind of “seniors” are you addressing?


I lol’d way too hard at this. We need a certified Mathsbot!


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OK, one more time. I’m sure you already had lunch n stuff!

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no am asking from fiverr seller seniors


Why can’t sellers who are not “seniors” answer your question? Do you not value their counsel and advice? And what, in your opinion, qualifies a seller to be “senior seller”?

Wouldn’t it be better just to ask for advice, and let anyone respond?

Are you expecting that “senior sellers” will miraculously make you successful, and tell you how to “get” lots of sales? Because, I hate to be the bearer of unfortunate news… YOU are the only person that makes you successful. YOU need to do the work to EARN your success. No “senior seller” is going to do that for you.


It’s impossible for us to answer your question I’m afraid (senior or not!).

Your rating is calculated on a 60 day rolling period - we have no idea how many orders you’ve had, or what their ratings were, or when you got them, so we don’t know how many 5 star ratings you’ll need to improve your rating.





just because i thought the senior have good advice for me. but thanks and next time just ask for advice not mentioned anyone seniors or joiner… thanks, i only need advice from everyone from senior or joiner … thanks,


i get only one bad review of 1 star in 60 days , and my rating is drop from 4.9 rating to 4.6 then i get 5 five stars rating and my rating go to 4.7, and now i have 6 more orders in pending


Hope you get 5 stars for them all!

As I say it’s difficult to work out because of the 60 day rolling calculation - all you do is your best, and I’m sure you’ll get your rating back up.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Sara I am new here Can you guide me about feverr how its works . How can I make good profile that attract more people


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You should visit the Help & Education Center your newest BF.

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