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Important Questions!

Hi! I’ve spent a considerable amount of time reading all the forum posts to learn the tips & tricks on how I should create my first gig page. There’s a ton of knowledge but as I kept reading, I wrote down a few questions I was still considered with. If you can share your opinion on them I would appreciate it!

  1. Editing your gig. A lot of the comments I’ve read, touched on the fact that editing a gig seems to take it off search for a period of time. Once I fulfill some orders I would like to eventually include the insights I had with a buyer (rather it’s follower growth, ect.) as a unique identifier. I’m worried that editing my gig can tank it’s discoverability afterwards.

  2. Also to relay of that, with some of my gigs I’m planning to go the $5 route to build up my credibility and then increase the price a bit to make it more worthy of my time. Is that ok to do?

Thank you! I would love to read your personal experiences.

  1. The truth is that no one on this forum knows for sure. Quite a few people have shared their personal experiences, and a lot of people say that editing a gig can temporarily reduce its visibility in search results. Others say it’s only natural to want to edit and refine a gig over time, and that can result in more buyers.

  2. Ask yourself if offering a professional service for $5 really builds credibility, or just allows people to buy services on the cheap. Price your gig fairly from the start and have some respect for your own skills and talent. In my experience offering cheap gigs attracts difficult buyers who only care about price, and not communication or ensuring a positive experience. Yes, you can increase prices at any time.