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IMPORTANT | Scammer - already scammed 7 other sellers. Beware please


Before I start, if any graphics artist had an order cancelled by a buyer called 'pram***’ (blocked out some letters for privacy) then please get in touch with me.**


A buyer named ‘pram****’ ordered from me recently. The order was $305. When he sent me some graphics with a Fiverr watermark for the video, I was suspicious that he had ordered them from a seller, downloaded the watermarked file and cancelled the order and then sent them to me to use in the video.

To check that he was legitimate, I simply asked him to share a screenshot of the order page with the graphics artist that designed him the graphics. I asked for a screenshot of the order page, and he provided a screenshot of an order page. After this, I thought it was fine, but then I saw that the order was placed August 05, yet he sent me the graphics on August 04.

When I asked for a screenshot of the graphics delivery, he refused and cancelled the order because it was delivered late. I’m now $25 out of pocket and left with a 1 star review on my page.

I’ve contacted Fiverr support. I spent $25 on buying a voiceover for this order. What can I expect from support? Can they reimburse my $25 or $305? Does anyone have any advice? This is very frustrating.

Thank you,


That´s horrible!
I always try to gather all the assets needed to start working before sending an offer or letting people know before making the order.
Of course, that´s only possible when people order without previous contact.

I Thought about adding some ´´request you key word before you order´´ to at least make people contact me first before buying the gig.


I don’t know the timeline of when you bought the voiceover, but as soon as this happened I would have cancelled this order. I think you are out of luck as far as anything that can be done to repay you for the voiceover. Sorry this happened to you.

Follow your instincts when you first see something is wrong.

He has a right to do this. I’m not understanding why it was delivered late but
it sounds like this all could have been avoided.


I appreciate that this must be frustrating for you, however, if you have paid $25 for a voice over and another seller has delivered this, you would be no better than your scammer if you attempted to get a refund.

Also, why on Earth would Fiverr reimburse you $305? If you have an automatic 1-star review saying ‘canceled order seller failed to deliver on time,’ this means that you didn’t deliver any work and Fiverr canceled this order automatically as a result.

Anyway, if I was you, I would switch over to using gig packages and definitely not offer anything for $5. When I used to offer $5 video services, I had to cancel orders almost every week due to scammers and other fools.

Step away from the bottom feeders. They bite and when they bite, they bite hard.


Buyers like this are always dreaded, but what about those who threaten to give you 1 star review when you don’t take their cheap offer? Eg: Buyer looking for website creation for just $5. :rofl:

There are the most difficult set of people to deal with.


Thanks. This will be helpful in the future.


I’m not looking for a refund from the voiceover artist, but rather $25 out of $305 to cover the expenditures. I agree that it’s a long shot, but hey, it’s worth a try.



Unfortunately I bought the voiceover before he sent me the suspicious files :frowning:

The order was late as he hadn’t given me everything I needed to carry on with the video, firstly in the form of info such as company colors, company description, character sex etc but also logos.

Thanks for your advice.