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Important tip for buyers

Before ordering any gig, do contact the seller first with what you are looking for.

From my experience as a buyer, I feel you should always contact first. If I have a quick chat before ordering, then I know what I am getting at the end. I guess this will avoid any confusion between seller and buyer.


It is a good approach, ones the description says contact the seller before you buy. Buyers should abide by it. Most of these buyers most time don’t even know what they need, i have experienced that.

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Great tip, I ask to message me before order in all my gigs description however some buyers still order without contact first.

While I agree with the idea that if you have a complex project you should contact the seller before buying, but how do you stop sellers from posting a 24hr gig and then waiting 8-10hrs and then asking for a mutual cancellation?

I spent 30 minutes uploading and describing 4 different simple Photoshop gigs that were supposed to be done in 24hrs and then 8hrs later I wake up to cancellation requests. They had no gigs in the que and delivered one 8hrs prior.

PLUS, now that mutual cancellations don’t effect ratings at all there is more likelihood for this.

Also there’s a gig on here that isn’t $5 at all. There is nothing offered for ‘a gig’. I saw the software available and in the description the seller will install it for $50 but when you don’t want the install then all of a sudden it’s 5gigs. Not one thing available for a fiverr.

I’ve bought over 100 gigs and the community of sellers is getting corrupt as corrupt can get. No offense to sellers doing their job, but there is too much bs going on anymore these days.

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yes, totally agree with you, i love it when a buyer contacts me before the make an order, ordering then letting the timer run and then asking me question of what i can and cannot do is very stressful for me.

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100% True… Check my Facebook Promotion gig…

I think you are right bro

This is a 4yr old post!