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Important tip to seller seeking their first order!


still waiting for your first order ?

Take action NOW !

The single most important thing you can do is that you should use “buyer requests” button more frequently and send offers. Secondly, ALWAYS include a personal message describing how can you best accomplish tasks as requested by the perspective buyer. Its extremely useful for new sellers.

Hope this helps.

In case you’re wondering , i did got my first order using this method only after sending 5-6 offers. Already delivered.

I only used it once so far. I didn’t get a reply to it, which is fine. What’s helped me has been keeping my gigs upgraded, replying quickly and being open to a lot of buyer requests.

I don’t ask where/how buyers find me, but I do post a link to my gigs on various sites just up for people to post their ads again and again (I do this about once a month to avoid looking spammy) and I have noticed a small increase in messages since I started that.

Did not work for me, I think what helps is sending offers


I have completed 3 orders now.

Thanks. I used this for the first time today. But I was on my phone app and didn’t see a space to add a message. I will try it on the desktop tomorrow.

xoxo Meghan

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Thanks for the tips. I also find this helpful.