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hey am Faraz…
am a professional logo designer …ehh sorry lol i was again starts advertising myself -_- …umm so em here to tell my buyers some important tips that may be some buyers already know that is the gig description carefully before investing your money… 2.u should communicate with your LOGO designer that is an important thing… 3. Read packages description carefully before buying
thank you …
Hope so it will help you :smiley:

Moved to Ranting Pot where it can stay up as tips to remind others to write tips that are helpful and not just clickbait. this can also serve as a Tip to remind others not to use copyrighted images in gigs. It will be noticed. Post closed to new replies in May '16.

Yes off course need read package description before Invest money!!!

Most important thing is you should first contact the seller before ordering the gig to avoid any confusion and negative remark

yeah …totally agree

Buyers should read the gig description correctly, Most of sellers do not read it. Its important for buyers.

Faraz, you may want to be careful with the images you are using in your logo gigs. You may face copyright infringement and trademark issues. It seems like you are using logos from other companies/brands and just changing the text.

no thats not true …i just modify them…and follows the great professional graphic designer

Your delivery with a pizza man is using the same mascot as another company that is already established.

i already told u …i modify them thats not the same …or copy paste

You are still using the same mascot. Don’t you think Mcdonalds will sue people who use Ronald Mcdonald if they see him in another company’s logo or design?

I’ve never encountered a professional graphic designer who uses the mascots of other companies. I’m just giving you a tip really. Other buyers might do a reverse image search and they might not be happy seeing another company with the same mascot as theirs.

Here’s the link of the company with the similar mascot:

Unless that mascot is free to use then it would be fine if you modify it, but if it isn’t then that’s another story.

When you modify an image made by someone else and the viewer can still tell where it originally came from, that’s copyright violation. To be a pro you need to use your own ideas. You can use other designers as inspiration, but nothing more.

You could always try gigs in other categories if you don’t feel able to do unique design.

Oh dear Faraz. Not only will any buyer Googling your Fiverr username see this post near the top of the search results, they’ll also learn that you don’t understand copyright law and near enough lift other people’s work and claim “modification”.

Despite the self-deprecation, you did post this to get visible to buyers and market your gigs…and it has spectacularly backfired–all you’ve done is reveal that your work is unoriginal and could land them in legal trouble. Ironically, that really is an important tip for buyers!

Better luck next time.

EDIT: “modified” my ass. Got the license? It’s only $300! For some crappy pizza clip art that you’d be hard pushed to use in any other situation.

Also, the German football team would like a word with you:

Care to tell me exactly where the design comes in here? Or is the modification just erasing some bits then adding text and other likely stolen, copyrighted elements? That’s not design, and you should not be charging unwitting buyers for it.

At last glance it looks like there are still potentially illegal images on @faraz9871 logo gig. I’m bumping this post as a warning to buyers and sellers. Be careful and don’t buy or sell illegal material. Report violations to Customer Support.