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Important tips for New Seller

Hello friends, i am in Fiverr For Only One Month And i Just wanna share my little story and advice that can go a long way to helping all new sellers become top rated sellers on fiverr I joined fiverr in july and by the end of the month i was already a level one sellers. What i wanna share with my friends (the new sellers) is about how i got to this level.

  1. I treated every new order like it was the last order i will every get on fiverr. Doing so gave me the opportunity to put in my best on every order i had, making sure my buyers were 100% satisfied.

  2. Creating a confortable and friendly relationship between you and your buyers is key. I have more than a hundred friends on fiverr . Which has been one of the key to my success on fiverr today. This is because through nice and friendly conversations between me and my buyers i was able to convince them on coming back for more orders.

  3. As jamkristyn said in “5 Important Tips For New Sellers”, making use of your 10 buyer request offers per day is very important, but what is most important is how convincing your offer to the buyer is. Take your time to put up a good offer to the buyer and i promise you are going to be hired for the job.

NB: Posting a request as buyer for a job will never help you in any way. So please new sellers, avoid doing that (This is an advice on what i have noticed)
This few tips will help you in achieving your dream as a successful seller on fiverr i hope .

Yeah sure. We all should share our experience we get… Yeswebview what do you think is good to do to become successful ??

You are lucky that you got 27 orders form the same buyer.
Keep it up :slight_smile: