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Important Tips For New Sellers For Getting Started

A lot of new sellers I have seen saying
"cant get any order … 2 weeks have passed … 3 months have passed still no order "

So how to get started with fiverr ?
I answer this question simply by some Useful and important tips which are:

  1. First Learn Then Work .!
    First of all find a skill in yourself …You cant just get started on fiverr without any skill … some people think that they will gradually learn skills while working on fiverr …yeah its true for those who at least know basic things … for the one who is standing on skill level 0 ,its not possible !
    So first take a proper training for the service you are willing to provide on fiverr from some experienced person …

  2. Make Gigs…!
    When you have got enough training and you think that now you should start working on fiverr then make an account …Make Attractive gigs in your niche and dont rely on few gigs … make as much gigs as you can … if you are a new seller ,you can make maximum of 7 gigs … so make the maximum amount of gigs that you can make :slight_smile: (how to make an attractive and successful gig will be explained in me next forum post)

  3. Giving Appropriate Time:
    Now when you have made the gigs , you might think its time to relax until you get the first order … but its not the way … After making gigs you can promote your gigs on social media and different blogs to get traffic at your gig . more over stay as much online as you can because buyers mostly like to work with those sellers who are online at the moment …

  4. Use Buyer Request:
    Buyers post their request in the “buyer request” page … use it and send them offers with an attractive description so they can get to you … most of the new sellers get their first order through Buyer requests ! so try to send all 10 offers daily to the buyers
    NOTE: Dont paste buyer request describing your service as it is not appropriate and you can even get ban permanently… just send them offers !

  5. Deleting older and making new gigs:

When your gig gets old about 4-5 days and you observe its not getting much impressions ,views,clicks then delete that gig and make a new and better one … Never Stop Making Gigs !

  1. Friendly Communication :
    Communicate with buyers in a very polite manner because literally the success on fiverr depends on how much your buyer is satisfied with you :slight_smile:

Hope this all will help you in getting started on fiverr and earning a good amount :slight_smile:



Thank you for the tips. Could you please take a look at my first gig and tell me what I should improve. I made my first gig today

thanks for your tips


Great tips, thanks

i will soon upoad a new post about "How to make a Perfect and successful Gig"
you can read that and then you will be able to know that what things you need to improve :slight_smile:

you are welcome :slight_smile:

will upload a post about “how to make a perfect gig” do read that also … it would be really much helpful :slight_smile:

my pleasure :slight_smile:

Thanks . I follow these tips but my gig selling is decreasing day by day what should I do now .

i will upload a post regarding “how to make a successful gig and how to manage them” … after reading that your all questions will be answered :slight_smile: it would be very much Helpful !!! :slight_smile:

@ pinkymou941 - Jamesbulls “37 tips…” #29 has some good advise for your question

thanks for the informations… :slight_smile: just signed up today,hope i will be lucky for the next days.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hey i’m new here^^ ,thanks for your advice.

mention not :slight_smile:

you are welcome :slight_smile: and one more thing … placing your gig link in forum and buyer request page is useless and a waste of time :slight_smile: So Spend your time on the things that makes a difference :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips! :slight_smile:

you are so Welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you.Quickly put next post .I’m waiting.