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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!


thanks, I will try to follow your advice. I’ve been here for Fiverr for a month and I have not received any orders yet, but I’m not losing hope


Sure dont lose hope let me know results after using these tips :slight_smile:


well said boss.good tips to follow. Thankyou


Thanks! This is really helpful. I just received my first order and I’m really excited to get my momentum going. I can definitely attest to how valuable it is to consistently edit and revise gigs to attract customers. Sometimes the correct language that entices people doesn’t materialize until several drafts!

I’ve noticed one of my challenges is coming up with the most creative gallery images possible (that are hopefully both eye-catching and match the gig seamlessly). Does anyone have any tips for that?


Thanks! This is helpful. I’m a new seller and struggling to get orders - at the moment am just constantly tweaking my description/title/price hoping something will stick. I’ve been reluctant to share my gig much on social media, so I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet.


Thank you. will try my best to follow all of the steps. Let see what happen.


Every time you make a change your gig will be taken off from the search. It can take 24hrs before it’s added back if it goes through manual check for whatever reason.

Do you research, make the adjustments and don’t mess with your gigs for a while :slight_smile:

If you wish to get a quick boost then here’s what you do

  • Upload a video instead of a stock photo. Video of yourself of course not a cheap whiteboard animation. There are plenty of articles explaining why.
  • Create a gig for just proofreading. Don’t limit yourself with fiction. Get some quick reviews and then niche out.
  • Your prices are already super low so if you’re willing to work for this amount at the beginning to build your rep then keep it. Personally I would recommend bringing the word count down.

Do these 3 things and you’ll get 10+ orders by October easily.
After some reviews you can start playing around with prices. Until then do these 3 steps and leave the gig alone.


Thank you for good tips


Dont make changes in your gig too frequently it can cause invisibility in search results for a gig
make changes and see the results for 15-20 days let 1 month and if does not work then make changes again

No order,how can i get a only one order

Good tips for beginners


I mean, you come to Fiverr as a way to find clients because they take 20% of your earnings (which is a lot, in my opinion) and in return they should give you some traffic. It’s best for everyone, including them, as all they seem to care is to make money (they treat their sellers terribly). So, if I’m going to promote something myself, I think I prefer not to use a platform like this and spend that time (and money) promoting my website or so, which is what I decided to do because Fiverr took ALL of my traffic away months ago, nothing new.

I also think they now want to be a more respected platform and are pushing to a side the sellers that have been here forever to give more attention to the “pro” services, which a lot of people here have been doing for years just earning dimes.

Yes, I’m bitter at this platform. It really sucks.


Thanks for your valuable suggestions and guidelines.


Thanks for your experience share…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Wow…great tips…Thanks


Wow thanks for shearing :heart_eyes:


welcome :slight_smile: @kawsarhabib31 @snshuvo


My tip: survive September, the worst month since I remember (every year).


Why September only ?


realy awesome, thanks.