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[ IMPORTANT ] Tips For Sellers With No Orders!


I have no Idea. Septembers are the worst months since I remember.

Also September is probably the worst month in the stock market, so generally for the all economics


@shubhamdahale How frequently should I share the gigs and where should I?


Thanks for your tips


Nice one (Y)
and thanks for the Tip :yum:


Very helpful and thank you so much for your suggestions.:grinning:


Thank you for your helpful tips. Seriously it will helps me a lot


Really good advice and positive message.


Daily ! You should share your gigs daily on all social media platforms like twitter , Facebook , Instagram etc !


Thanks for your valuable tips…It’s really helpful


thanks for share:heart_eyes:


Thank you for your helpful tips. Actualyit will helps me a lot:slightly_smiling_face:


Very knowledgeable guidelines for sellers.
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my two cents about PROs. This new service means more money for Fiverr. As you’ve seen the prices of the PRO GIGs are very high compared to the usual GIGs. If Fiverr earns more, it will become more powerful and this is good for anyone. It’s also good for the buyer, since now he/she has different choices, different prices and different services. Fiverr is becoming a better platform day by day.


Thanks for your suggestions.


Thank you so much!!!


Follow the tips sajid :slight_smile:


which tips should i follow please suggest


Thanks for sharing, will try these tips out. Hope they work. :slightly_smiling_face:


sajid please read above try all the tips


Thank for your great information. Hope this strategy will help the new sellers to good starting.